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Show Season - Preparation

It is well and truly show time, our horses and ponies are being preened and polished, and stress levels are at an all time high. You spend all day before the show cleaning tack, boots, stables, and horse. You try to cover every square inch of your horse so he stays clean overnight, especially if he'... [More]

Staying Safe in the Saddle

Following on from my previous blog about basic horse riding equipment, I have some more hints on extra gear that may prove helpful in your riding and help to reduce injury in the event of a fall. These aren't essential items of riding gear but can help your comfort in the saddle. It's always importa... [More]

The Perils of Success

As seasoned readers of this blog may attest, much of my information from the outside world comes from the BBC website.  On one of my many forays there recently, I came across a story which made me grimace. The story was (believe it or not) 'Riot Fears Absent Ahead of IKEA Sale', which on the face o... [More]

Spring Is Nearly Here!!!

It’s safe to say that it is very nearly spring time. With the clocks going forward, the lighter nights and hopefully warmer weather to look forward to, we can at last start to think of a time when we can thoroughly enjoy our hobby again instead of horse ownership just being a labour of love. Of cou... [More]