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Fly Rugs

Flies have to be the most annoying part of summer, but they don’t have to put a negative on what would otherwise be the best part of the year. Even if your horse suffers from sweet itch, a good specialist fly rug can ease the irritation enough to let summer be the horse’s favourite time of year too.... [More]

All About Worms and Worming

Worming is a routine procedure on most yards, with many insisting on all horses being wormed at the same time to help ensure chances of worm problems are kept to a minimum. If you don’t keep up to date on worming your horse, using the right wormers for the right times of year this can result in your... [More]

Safe Winter Riding and Horse Care

The super cold weather we’re all experiencing at the moment combined with your horse spending more time stabled in winter months, makes for a fun recipe of spooks and sharpness. This can potentially mean when you’re riding accidents may be more likely and you might end up in hairy situations more of... [More]

Horse Stable Toys

The current weather conditions are a nuisance to everyone but to the horse owner they mean an extra headache. Do we allow our horses in the field for a chance to relax and move freely or do we keep them in their warm stables? Many owners understandably choose to keep their horse stabled rather than ... [More]