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Winter Woollies

As it comes into winter, especially with the great English weather, warm woollies are definitely needed. There’s plenty  on the market to choose from, so from your toes to your ears, there’s no excuse for being chilly this winter. From Your Toes…Feet get cold really easily so a good thick pair of... [More]

Bits, Bitting and Mouthpieces

With such a wide range of bits on the market, choosing the right one for your horse can sometimes be difficult. Having a vague idea of what style mouthpieces your horse would suit and the types of action he might like is the first step in the right direction of finding a bit to suit both you and him... [More]

Which Horse Clipper To Choose

At this time of year, your horse’s sleek shiny summer coat can begin to resemble that of a bear, in preparation for the cold winter months. This effect can be lessened by early rugging; however some extra coat is still likely to be grown. This can impact on any working horse’s comfort, whether he is... [More]

Quick reminder...

Don't forget, our End-of-Season Sale starts online at 6am tomorrow morning (18th). I'll be in, together with our IT team, to check everything's running smoothly. To be fair, the last two have been fantastically smooth with the site never looking like it was under pressure, despite the vast number ... [More]

Choosing a Suitable Riding Hat

Your riding hat is arguably the most important piece of equipment you'll ever buy, and to provide maximum protection it must fit correctly. It is a legal requirement that children aged 14 and under when riding on the road must wear a riding hat to at least the old standard of BS4472, but it is advis... [More]