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Keep Warm!

Most of us are responsible horse people who put our horse’s health in front of our own. But remember, if we’re not healthy, we won’t be able to care for our horse. Choose the Right Winter Clothing For You! What a difference the right clothing can make. Before winter well and truly hits, you nee... [More]

We Love Online Promotions

We often issue promotions in the form of either ‘a percentage off’ or ‘£ savings’ and these are offered to customers via emails, advertisements or on-site banners. They can be redeemed online only by using the promotional code provided. There’s no cash alternative and unless stated, discounts are on... [More]

Love Being Rewarded?

Since we first launched ‘Rider Rewards’ nearly twelve months ago, more than 32,000 customers have taken advantage and have been saving themselves money by collecting and spending their  ‘Rider Reward’ points online. Rider Rewards are our way to thank you for making your equestrian purchases with us... [More]

Mud Glorious Mud?

Rain…rain…and a bit more rain! Personally, I can live with getting a bit wet but what I really hate is the mud. It’s pretty much an occupational hazard with horses and they appear to take great joy in rolling in it. However, in many equestrian’s eyes, the arrival of mud means only one thing…the onse... [More]

Safe at all Times!

Aside from the safety point of view, which I'm sure we’ve all had drummed into us from magazines, the BHS, concerned parents and the highways agency, wearing reflective gear and lights while hacking on the roads is really a way of showing how much you care about your horse. If you think about it, a... [More]