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Which Horse Clipper To Choose

At this time of year, your horse’s sleek shiny summer coat can begin to resemble that of a bear, in preparation for the cold winter months. This effect can be lessened by early rugging; however some extra coat is still likely to be grown. This can impact on any working horse’s comfort, whether he is... [More]

Horse Bridles

A vital piece of tack to any horse rider is their bridle, it offers you greater control either from the ground or whilst riding. Traditionally, bridles are made of quality leather but there are increasingly large numbers of synthetic nylon and leather look styles on the market which can be significa... [More]

Horse Conformation

A horse with good conformation should be the aim of every person who intends to breed a foal. Breeding from a stallion or mare with anything more than minor faults in their conformation should be avoided. Correct conformation enables the horse to carry out the work required by humans with the least ... [More]

Winter Horse Management

Winter is well and truly here and you may be feeling that your visits to the stables are pure hard work and toil. Stable yards tend to be in quite exposed areas and so can be subject to severe weather, it is therefore wise to take as many preventative measures as possible to protect yourself, your h... [More]

New VAT reduced prices online now

On 24 November, Alistair Darling announced a cut in VAT from 17.5% to 15% effective from 1 December 2008. We are keen to pass this reduction on to our customers as soon as possible, so instead of waiting till Monday, we have already applied this reduction to all our vatable products and adjusted ou... [More]