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Stress-Free First Aid – Thanks To Mini Horslyx!

Every horse owner has been there – your horse appears from the field with a mystery cut, or scrapes himself on a fence when competing. No matter how it happened, horses aren’t always the most cooperative of animals when it comes to cleaning the wound. Delivering first aid to your injured equine can be a stressful experience. Not only will you be concerned for your wounded horse but an injured or sore equine can react irrationally by panicking or lashing out. Whether you’re carrying out the treatment or the vet is there, a distraction to keep things calmer would be a bonus! Mini Horslyx are a great way to occupy a horse, giving them something enjoyable to focus on rather than the unpleasant task in hand. The small, hand-held tub offers your horse the perfect reward for standing still in the form of a healthy, nutrient rich lick. Unlike carrots, apples or treats – which can be snatched or broken off – the composition of Mini Horslyx will keep your horse’s attention for long periods of time, enabling you to carry out the essential wound maintenance without him even noticing! Whether you’re cleaning a wound after surgery, washing a cut or scrape or managing mud fever, Mini Horslyx provides a healthy and nutritious way to distract your equine without having to provide concentrate feed or shot-lived treats. First Aid Kit Essentials: Cotton wool Antiseptic scrub or spray Ready-to-use poultice Wound ointment, gel or powder Non-stick dressings Gamgee and a selection of bandages Bandage tape Emergency contact numbers including your vet and farrier Utensils such as tweezers, scissors and a thermometer Mini Horslyx Each Mini Horslyx tub contains a range of high specification vitamins, minerals, trace elements and natural anti-oxidants to support the immune system, your equine friend will also receive the boost he needs, at the time he needs it most.   Mini Horslyx is available in Original, Mint, Respiratory or Garlic flavour and costs just £2.99 from Robinsons.