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Time for a Sale!

Our Online and Instore End of Season Sale starts at 10am, Thursday 11th February. We’ve not been shy with our mark downs, so there’s bound to be something in the sale section that you’ve had your eye on for a while, or something that’s simply too good a bargain to turn down. As usual in a sale, stock on some of the items is limited so be quick, as these bargains are going to sell out fast! There are discounts across all categories and after managing to have a sneak peak at the price reductions I can see that selected products have had their prices slashed by up to 80%! [More]

Free delivery...but not for long!

Yippee! From 00.01am, Friday 22nd January until 8.30am, Monday 25th January 2016, our standard UK mainland delivery service – up to £5.99 – will be FREE for online orders of £30 or more! As an added bonus, we’ll even deduct £5.99 from the delivery charge should your order require our Express, Export, Offshore or Heavy Duty service. [More]

Winter Sale Starts on Boxing Day!

Our Online and Instore Winter Sale starts at 10am, Saturday 26th December 2015. Everyone loves a deal, so it’s well worth setting your alarm and being one of the first to check out what’s available. As stock is limited on some of the items, it’s a case of first come, first served. Don’t forget that if you’re choosing to shop the Sale online, you’ll also be able to collect Rider Reward points for any purchase that you make! [More]

Delivery's On Us - Limited Time Only!

Until 8.30am, Thursday 24th September only our standard UK mainland delivery service – up to £5.99 – is FREE for online orders when you spend £10 or more! As an added bonus, we’ll even deduct £5.99 from the delivery charge should your order require our Express, Export, Offshore or Heavy Duty service. Which means you’ll be saving whatever delivery service you use! [More]

It's Sale Time!

Our Online and Instore Mid-Season Sale starts at 9am, Thursday 21st May. We’ve not been shy with our mark downs, so there’s bound to be something in the sale section that you’ve had your eye on for a while, or something that’s simply too good a bargain to turn down. As usual in a sale, stock on some of the items is limited so be quick, as these bargains are going to sell out fast! [More]

Extended Christmas Returns

We’re making Christmas shopping even easier…anything purchased either online, via our mail order service, or from one of our stores, between 1st Nov & 31st Dec can be returned up until 31st January. So you can shop now and return any unwanted/duplicate items fuss-free throughout January. Goods purchased online or via our mail order service can be returned to us by posting the unwanted items to: Robinsons Country Leisure P.O Box 511 Wigan WN1 9AE Please be aware that if there was no error on our part, we will only refund you the cost of the item(s) and not the postage charge. Alternatively, you can take your goods to any of our retail stores, but you need to take along your delivery note as well, as proof of original purchase. Goods purchased from any of our stores, need to be returned to the same store, along with the original receipt, in order for us to process either a refund or an exchange. To view our full returns policy, please click here. If you have any queries about returning your Robinsons Christmas purchases, please call our Customer Services Team on 0844 573 1001. Happy shopping!  

Meet Lincoln, The Shire Horse Thought To Be Europe’s Biggest Horse

Measuring 20.2hh tall (6ft 10in at his shoulder blades), Lincoln is thought to be the biggest horse in Europe. Lincoln, whose official name is Ruskington Leicester, was going to be sold for meat when he was bought by farmer Ruth Blair and James Mackie who is managing director of a wholesale fruit and vegetable company. Lincoln was covered in sores and was more than half a tonne underweight when Ms Blair and Mr Mackie purchased him…for a box of fresh veg, a bottle of whisky and £450 cash. Ms Blair agreed to pay the vet bills if Mr Mackie, who also has two Scottish Clydesdales at his farm in Inchinnan, would provide the care. Nine months later, the five-year-old Shire is no longer the emaciated, terrified animal who kicked down a stable door and leapt in fear if a person lifted their hand. He has made a miraculous recovery, helped by a daily diet of 26lb of carrots, 24 apples, 11lb of spinach, four or five cabbages and the odd snack from Mr Mackie’s staff. He measures 6ft 10in to the shoulder, but looks set to become the world’s tallest horse when he is fully grown in about two years. The titleholder, a 12-year-old Belgian draught horse named Jake, lives in the United States and is just three-quarters of an inch taller. Mr Mackie kept Lincoln stabled for the first ten days, just feeding him and getting him used to being handled. As well as the effects of ill treatment, Lincoln suffers from a condition called stringhalt that causes one leg to lash out when he walks. A strict exercise routine has helped reduce its severity but it cannot be cured. But the transformation in Lincoln has been dramatic, even if he doesn’t realise his own strength as so far he’s managed to pull down three fences and has lifted the golf buggy that Mr Mackie was sitting in, off the ground by picking up the back of it in his teeth. Lucky Lincoln now has a lifetime home and who knows…if he continues to grow for the next 2 years, he could become the biggest horse in the world!  

Free Hat Fitting Instore

As riders, we all know how important our safety wear is, but did you know that a poorly fitting riding hat could do you more harm than good? This is the reason that members of our store staff are BETA-trained hat fitters — what’s more, it’s all done FREE instore! Like most equestrian attire, the design of riding hats has its roots in a combination of tradition and practicality. The peak, for instance, was useful for keeping the sun out of a rider’s eyes; while different coloured velvet-covered caps and the position of their ribbons denoted different personnel in the hunting field. Nowadays, of course, the emphasis is on safety. Protection from impact upon a fall – including the hat’s ability to stay in place – remains the number one priority. Manufacturers must also consider that riders need to be able to see and hear clearly to enhance their safety while riding. Comfort is another requirement, which is why hats and helmets come in a wide range of sizes to fit all head shapes. It may seem obvious, but the sizing of your hat is crucial for it to be effective at protecting your head. The wrong size greatly reduces the safety level of the hat but it could also affect your vision when riding if it slips forward! It can be very tempting to make a compromise based on the look of the hat, or the cost but this is something you really have to remain firm on for your own well-being. If you wear a hat and it doesn’t feel comfortably snug on the head, then it is not the right hat for you. We always recommend having your riding hat fitted by a trained member of our staff instore. They know the signs of a well fitted hat and the techniques for getting it right as they’ve been trained by BETA. For anyone who’s never heard of BETA, it was formed in 1979 and has grown to be recognised and accepted as the official representative body for the equestrian manufacturing, wholesale and retail trade by Government and leading riding organisations. So, if you’re considering buying a new riding hat, pop into your nearest Robinsons store for a free, personalised hat fitting with one of our friendly, fully-trained members of staff. Plus they’ll be happy to give you all the advice and information you need in order for you to choose the most suitable hat to match your needs and budget.  

Equimist 360 – Revolutionary New Spray Technology!

All your favourite Carr & Day & Martin spray products are now available in their exclusive Equimist 360 applicator –winner of a BETA Innovation Award 2014. You’re probably wandering what the big deal is? Suppliers often change their packaging to make their products more eye-catching.  However, I’m pleased to report that this change of packaging is much more than a new logo design or font style. This revolutionary application technology is packed with benefits for the equestrian! Equimist 360 can spray a full 360 degrees, meaning that you can even apply product while the dispenser is upside down…perfect when trying to spray hard to reach places such as the belly and under carriage. Traditional sprays give an uneven coverage with highly concentrated areas of product. The new bottles deliver a wider spray pattern and a fine misting application which provides a completely even distribution of the product you’re using, so you get a perfect finish every time and less wastage. The minimal sound emitted when in use and the continuous spraying action – no need to press, press, press – makes product application much more acceptable to young or more nervous horses who won’t tolerate the noise and action of traditional trigger sprays.  Plus, you don’t get cramp in your hand from having to continually keep pressing the trigger to dispense the product. The bit I like best, is that there is none of that having to tilt the bottle up and down and side to side when there’s less than a quarter of the product left. The new packaging provides unbeatable bottle evacuation, meaning no product is left stranded in the bottom of the bottle! Carr & Day & Martin are saying that once you’ve experienced their revolutionary spray technology, you’ll never want to use a traditional trigger spray again…and I believe them!