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10% Off Dog Products (online only, 25th Feb – 3rd March 2013)

Since we offered our very first products for dogs, way back in 1990, we've known that where there are horses, there are usually dogs. In the intervening 23 years, we've sold enough dog beds, dog coats, dog toys and dog treats to know that wagging tails are rarely far from swishing ones! Did you know that, as a horse owner, you're probably twice as likely to own a dog as a non-horse owner would be? In April 2011, a Mintel survey showed that there are 6.4 million dog-owning households in the UK, about a third of the total. The current membership statistics on British Horse Society (BHS) members shows that two-thirds of their 68,000 members are dog owners. Since our first tentative offerings, almost a quarter of a century ago, our range has grown to hundreds of styles, incorporating areas as varied as dog agility and dog travel accessories. To celebrate this very special part of our range, we've decided to offer 10% off our prices for all dog items sold online this week. In addition to these savings on a wide variety of products, all products priced £1 or above will also earn you Rider Rewards, which can be used to pay for all or part of your future purchases – just make sure you use your site login to claim the points! If you can't remember what your password is, don't worry! Go to our 'Forgot Your Password?' page and send us the email address you used when you registered and we'll send you a link to reset your password. I hope you find a great deal for your dog (or dogs)! I'll leave you with a picture of my two 'best friends', my Labradors, Marley and Sam. Thanks for reading, Paul  

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