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10% Off EVERYTHING This Easter Weekend! (Online AND Instore)

It may still feel like the depths of winter but Easter's here this weekend - and to celebrate, we're offering you the chance to save even more on your equestrian shopping over the Easter period with a '10% Off EVERYTHING' offer!  Online - It's live from 12:30 pm today (Thursday 28th) and it lasts until 11:59 pm on Easter Monday - here's the important bit: just look out for the box on the checkout page that asks for any voucher codes and simply enter the code SAVE10 in there to ensure the discount is applied to your order.  It won't subtract the 10% from the items you buy unless you do!  Don't forget, you'll still earn Rider Rewards points, as normal for all online purchses.  You can also use this code to claim 10% off your purchases ordered via our telephone ordering service over the Easter weekend, although our Call Centre will be closed on Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday. Instore - Simply travel to any of our four stores on Good Friday, Saturday or Easter Monday and you'll find all items are offered at 10% off!  Please remember that all our stores will be closed on Easter Sunday, in  accordance with UK trading laws. As shoppers, we can all be quite cynical about such offers (it's usually safer if we are) so here are a few clarifications about what EVERYTHING covers: New Season Items? That's right! All items in our new Spring/Summer 13 Catalogue will all be reduced by 10% until Easter Monday. It doesn't matter whether you order online, via the telephone or venture instore, all the items marked 'NEW' like, for example, our Requisite Crest Embroidered Jeggings will be offered at 10% off the normal price – that mean's they're £25.20, instead of £28! With around 28% of the products in our current catalogue offered for the first time this season, there are plenty of new styles for you to choose from – at 10% off! Clearance Items? Correct again! They may be reduced already, but we're happy to knock another 10% off the reduced prices* of everything you can find in our Clearance selection, which, at the time of writing consists of over 850 different styles! * If an item was badged as '50% off' before, an extra 10% off the reduced price means it’ll be available at 55% off the original price.  How does that work? Here’s an example: The Pikeur Vigo Gilet (‘Was £92’); was offered last week at £45.99 (50% Off).  This weekend, the extra 10% off is taken from the £45.99 previously offered price.  10% of £45.99 = another £4.60 off, reducing the price to £41.39, which is a saving of £50.61 from the original ‘Was’ price of £92.  £50.61 is 55% of £92, so you should expect to see a ‘55% Off’ badge against this item this weekend.  Branded Items? Yes-sir-ree! Discounting the big brands is not exactly popular with the brand owners but we're going to do it anyway. It's only for a few days and we all know that if we don't do it, someone else will. However exclusive or prestigious the brand, every item we offer will be 10% cheaper this weekend! Nosebag Café Purchases? Correct-a-mundo! If you're off to our Ashton or Basingstoke stores, you'll find that even your instore cup of tea will be 10% more relaxing than ususal – that's because we're offering 10% off food and drink purchases from our Nosebag Cafés! It may not be a 'free lunch' but 10% of it is! Feed & Bedding Purchases? Affirmative! We've never done this before because feed is so low-margin but…once again, if you're off to our Ashton or Basingstoke stores, you'll even be able to save 10% on all the feed items we offer. At both these Megastores and at our Cannock Superstore, we also offer bales of our own Robinsons shavings. Guess what – they'll be 10% off this weekend!(Sorry to our Cardiff store customers – there just isn't room for these bulky items at your store!) Vouchers? Take a wild guess! We often exclude voucher purchases from our 'blanket' discounts for administrative reasons but not this time!If you want to spend £9 to get a £10 Robinsons voucher, this is the weekend to do it – online, instore or via telephone! I know what I'd be thinking if I saw '10% Off EVERYTHING' in someone's advertising - that somehow it wouldn't be - and I wouldn't blame you for thinking the same thing yourself.  That's why I've gone into such detail here.  If we're going to knock 10% Off EVERYTHING without the usual 'exceptions apply' part, we really need to be sure that believe us! Have a great Easter weekend, whether you venture out into the cold or not.  I hope you can find some time to take advantage of this great offer before Easter Monday draws to a close.  Unlike so many offers, this one really is exactly what it says in the headline! As always, thanks for reading, Paul

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