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10% Off Horse Care Products (online only, 4th – 10th March 2013)

A few years ago, possibly in a moment of exasperation, I blogged about the frustratingly disparate nature of the horse world. With so many very different disciplines, each of which seems to attract very different types of rider, it struck me that there seemed very little of the vast range of products we offer that absolutely connects the equestrian world as one:

"It's like trying to bridge the gap between the Spanish Riding School and the donkeys on the seafront at Blackpool. How on earth can we call ourselves a community?

I always used to think that the answer to that question was the humble grooming kit. If you have a horse, whatever it is that you do (even if it is nothing), you'd always need a grooming kit of some sort. Ownership of a grooming kit was, I thought, the most accurate indicator that that person is a member of the horse world."

Perhaps I was being a little flippant. The grooming kit is just one part of the area we call Horse Care – and this week, we're offering 10% off our prices for all horse care items sold online. Care for the horse is intrinsic to all forms of equestrianism, and rightly so. Many riders will recall that when they were keen to begin riding, their access to a horse or pony was often granted on the basis that they spent time learning how to look after it. It's part of the fabric of our world. Of course, there's far more to horse care than simple grooming, although grooming, with its many and varied brushes and combs is a great place to start the learning process. Any experienced horse owner will testify to the importance of hoof care to the well-being of the horse – and not far behind that is the vital area of understanding and administering first aid. Once the basics have been mastered, it's likely that the next stage is to learn about the myriad of products available to help with coat and skin care and then, of course, mane and tail care. At certain times of the year, different considerations arise. In the summer months, protection from flies is a major area whereas in the colder months, it's generally replaced by the need to keep working horses clipped and trimmed. As our knowledge grows with experience, we find we can begin to take on more advanced areas of horse care, with responsibility. Therapeutic techniques and even basic farriery (in emergencies) and use of studs are some of the more sophisticated areas of horse care that an owner or rider can learn. Whether your passion is showing or showjumping, vaulting or eventing, driving or dressage, Western or endurance – or anything else that involves a horse – you'll find that you can't begin to learn the techniques required to achieve your ambitions until you've mastered the care of the horse that will help you get there! In addition to these savings on a wide variety of products, all products priced £1 or above will also earn you Rider Rewards, which can be used to pay for all or part of your future purchases – just make sure you use your site login to claim the points! If you can't remember what your password is, don't worry! Go to our 'Forgot Your Password?' page and send us the email address you used when you registered and we'll send you a link to reset your password. Thanks for reading, Paul  

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