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About the Robinsons Catalogue…

Hi.  Have you got a moment?  We need to talk… …Okay, I'm just going to say it: I think we have a problem with Catalogue. Like a much-loved, ailing pony, its behaviour has been a concern for a while. At first, we chose to ignore it, then we made excuses for it but deep down, I think we both knew this day would come. We have to do something or it'll just be a matter of time before it bites somebody – and neither of us wants that. I know you'll be shocked by this – it's a lot to take in. I know you've looked forward to seeing its smiling face every season, all these years. We've both enjoyed the familiar sound it makes when it pokes through the letterbox in the morning. We should cherish those days and be glad they've lasted so long. The thing is, it's nearly 30 years old now and, well, you can just tell it's not as happy as it used to be - and no longer able to keep up with its stable mates, Email, Social and Stores. It's just not fair to it to see it in its present, diminished state when it used to be so full and vibrant and carefree. We owe it to Catalogue to be responsible and do what's best, however it makes us feel. This may be the year when we have to do 'the right thing'. It'll soon be spring so let's put it out to pasture for now and let it enjoy its rest. If things are worse in the autumn, we'll talk again and…you know…make a decision. Does that sound sensible? Thanks for being so strong about this... X

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