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Cannock Progress Still on Schedule

Last Thursday (14th August), I spent the day at the site of our new Superstore at Cannock.  I hadn't been there for just over two weeks and I couldn't believe the difference in the place!
Walls were painted, flooring was down and shelving was up.  Instead of a cavernous building, it's now starting to look like a real shop!  I took some pictures on my mobile phone.  They may not be the best quality, but hopefully, they'll give you an idea of what to expect when we finally open the doors some time in October.  I've also deliberately cropped them to keep a few surprises back :-) There's no stock in there yet, so aside from the curiosity value, it's probably only of interest to enthusiasts of shop fittings - and not many people would admit to that! Most of the shelving has arrived and has been built.  Note the plastic that covers the whole of the new flooring  
There's also a lot of 'slat wall' to put up - a favourite display system of shops everywhere.

More shelving and 'slat wall' in what will be the boots & bandages area

You can see the saddle racks in the background and our new terracotta colour scheme in the foreground. As ever, keep checking this blog for further updates (or subscribe to an RSS feed) and you'll find out first what's new at our brand new Superstore!

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