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Collaboration's What You Need

It's been another interesting week surfing the web for horse-related items of interest.  You may have heard the term 'Web 2.0' before, a term to describe not just the growing complexity of the technology available online, but the way it has become much more integrated into day-to-day life.  As this happens, we all benefit from the online resources that others have taken the time to create. My thanks go to three people who have all done their bit for their fellow riders (and us) in recent weeks: First, I'd like to nominate Dave Gibson for taking a picture of our Superstore and uploading it to Panoramio, which is then fed out as a layer into the Google Earth satellite photography mapping software.  These embedded 'on-the-ground' images within Google Earth are very useful, because even though the satellite imagery works very well as a sophisticated map, if you're using it to find somewhere you've never been to, it's so helpful to have a picture to use as a guide to help you know what you're looking for. In second place, I'd like to mention Alison Greenhalgh and her friends who started the Facebook group We LOVE Robinsons Country Leisure Superstore! I hope she doesn't mind that I joined the group and if you feel the same way as Alison and her friends, I encourage you to join it too! My favourite example this week is an idea by RachelFerd from the Horse & Hound Forum for her Horse & Hound Online Collaboration, a Google Map which aims to show every type of horse-related resource on a single map.  Both graphical and practical, it has been developed enthusiastically by the fellow forumers on HHO, thanks to her thread on the subject.  You can imagine that once completed, you'd never need to be lost again! It's great to see the idea of collaboration really beginning to become part of our daily lives.  Who knows what ideas we'll be taking advantage of in the near future?

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