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Equimist 360 – Revolutionary New Spray Technology!

All your favourite Carr & Day & Martin spray products are now available in their exclusive Equimist 360 applicator –winner of a BETA Innovation Award 2014. You’re probably wandering what the big deal is? Suppliers often change their packaging to make their products more eye-catching.  However, I’m pleased to report that this change of packaging is much more than a new logo design or font style. This revolutionary application technology is packed with benefits for the equestrian! Equimist 360 can spray a full 360 degrees, meaning that you can even apply product while the dispenser is upside down…perfect when trying to spray hard to reach places such as the belly and under carriage. Traditional sprays give an uneven coverage with highly concentrated areas of product. The new bottles deliver a wider spray pattern and a fine misting application which provides a completely even distribution of the product you’re using, so you get a perfect finish every time and less wastage. The minimal sound emitted when in use and the continuous spraying action – no need to press, press, press – makes product application much more acceptable to young or more nervous horses who won’t tolerate the noise and action of traditional trigger sprays.  Plus, you don’t get cramp in your hand from having to continually keep pressing the trigger to dispense the product. The bit I like best, is that there is none of that having to tilt the bottle up and down and side to side when there’s less than a quarter of the product left. The new packaging provides unbeatable bottle evacuation, meaning no product is left stranded in the bottom of the bottle! Carr & Day & Martin are saying that once you’ve experienced their revolutionary spray technology, you’ll never want to use a traditional trigger spray again…and I believe them!  

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