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Excellent - Our 2013 Feefo Service Rating Awarded By You!

If you’ve made a purchase via our website you may have been sent a customer feedback email from Feefo a few days after placing your order, asking you to rate and comment on the product you purchased, as well as the service you received. Here at Robinsons, we always want to know what you think of us, so that we can continually improve both our customer service and our product range offering. Unfortunately it’s not possible for us to be able to phone each of our customers every time they place an order and have a chat to discuss what they did or didn’t like about their Robinsons experience. So, we went with our next best option, which was to employ Feefo, an independent customer feedback service. Feefo contacts our customers via email and then collates their ratings and comments so that these can be forwarded to us and published on our website. Feefo-The-symbol-of-trustWhat makes Feefo special is that only genuine customers are invited to leave feedback, thus guaranteeing the responses are honest. Plus, as the work is carried out by a totally independent company, you can be sure that there’s no way we could mis-represent their findings or even ask that anything too negative is ignored. The score they give us is 100% reliable and Feefo stake their reputation on this. We’re very proud to announce that for 2013 we achieved a service rating of 93.88% which means almost everyone leaving feedback thought our service was ‘Excellent’ or ‘Good’. Obviously, we’re not perfect or we would have gained 100% but this ‘excellent’ rating means you can be assured that we’re taking your satisfaction very seriously indeed.. The comments that you write on your feedback emails regarding our service are particularly useful. We’re able to focus on these issues and hopefully come up with a solution that makes our customers shopping experience more enjoyable. By sharing all of these Feefo ratings and comments with you via our website, we hope you’ll be able to see for yourself how we’re striving to make Robinsons the number one place to shop for all of your equestrian needs. When it comes to making sure you’re happy with the service we offer, it’s all in hand! If you want to find out more about our Feefo performance, have a look at our page on Feefo.com

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