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Free Hat Fitting Instore

Hat fitting service As riders, we all know how important our safety wear is, but did you know that a poorly fitting riding hat could do you more harm than good? This is the reason that members of our store staff are BETA-trained hat fitters — what’s more, it’s all done FREE instore! Like most equestrian attire, the design of riding hats has its roots in a combination of tradition and practicality. The peak, for instance, was useful for keeping the sun out of a rider’s eyes; while different coloured velvet-covered caps and the position of their ribbons denoted different personnel in the hunting field. Nowadays, of course, the emphasis is on safety. Protection from impact upon a fall – including the hat’s ability to stay in place – remains the number one priority. Manufacturers must also consider that riders need to be able to see and hear clearly to enhance their safety while riding. Comfort is another requirement, which is why hats and helmets come in a wide range of sizes to fit all head shapes. It may seem obvious, but the sizing of your hat is crucial for it to be effective at protecting your head. The wrong size greatly reduces the safety level of the hat but it could also affect your vision when riding if it slips forward! It can be very tempting to make a compromise based on the look of the hat, or the cost but this is something you really have to remain firm on for your own well-being. If you wear a hat and it doesn’t feel comfortably snug on the head, then it is not the right hat for you. We always recommend having your riding hat fitted by a trained member of our staff instore. They know the signs of a well fitted hat and the techniques for getting it right as they’ve been trained by BETA. For anyone who’s never heard of BETA, it was formed in 1979 and has grown to be recognised and accepted as the official representative body for the equestrian manufacturing, wholesale and retail trade by Government and leading riding organisations. So, if you’re considering buying a new riding hat, pop into your nearest Robinsons store for a free, personalised hat fitting with one of our friendly, fully-trained members of staff. Plus they’ll be happy to give you all the advice and information you need in order for you to choose the most suitable hat to match your needs and budget.  

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