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Guide To Jodhpur Boots!

There are many different types of horse riding boots on the market and jodhpur boots are amongst the most popular. Jodhpur boots were originally designed to be worn with jodhpurs and are ankle length which makes them easy to pull on and off, as well as offering a greater degree of flexibility than long riding boots. They were originally worn with a strap fitting around the back of the boot and securely fastened in place with a buckle at the side. This traditional style is still popular with riders today, but there are plenty of alternatives available, depending on personal choice. Jod boots with safety caps are very practical around horses! Boots that are laced up the front are generally known as paddock boots, some boots have front zip fastenings while others have zipped located at the rear. The most popular styles are those that feature elasticated sides, which make them easier to get on and off…particularly useful for younger riders. These boots are extremely versatile and you’ll find they look just as good with jeans when you’re out and about in town!

Choosing Your Jodhpur Boots When it comes to shopping for jod boots it’s important you take your time and make the right decision on the boots best suited to your circumstances and style of riding. Safety around horses is always key, which is why many opt for a pair of boots that are fitted with reinforced steel toe caps, designed to help keep toes protected should your horse stand on your foot. Then there are everyday boots that can be made from either leather or more usually a synthetic leather. These are great if you need one pair of boots that you can wear to do jobs around the yard and ride in as they tend to be a little more durable and easier to clean. Top of the range boots can feature extras such as waterproof membranes, padded ankles, Thinsulate linings, full grain leather uppers and dozens of technological advancements all aimed to optimise wearer fit and comfort.  

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