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Here Comes the F-Word…Frost!

You probably won't need me to tell you that the weather's about to make a change for the colder in the next few days. It's that time of year when you listen to weather forecast waiting to hear the first use of the f-word – 'frost'! Here's the temperature map provided by the Met Office website for the morning of Saturday 27th October: We've all had those guilt-ridden conversations that happen when the cold weather threatens to catch you out – the ones that concern whether or not we've put the right rug(s) on that night. Many people are lucky enough to stable their horse at home and can at least go out and put on a heavier stable rug if they feel they've been particularly caught out by the plummeting temperatures. Others face an unscheduled car journey or a rather apologetic call to a friend. It's also a time for many people to think about making some adjustments to the front of the stable, in an attempt to keep the cold air out, as much as possible. Keeping horses warm and comfortable is obviously the top priority when the mercury falls but it doesn't end there. Keeping yourself prepared for sub-zero temperatures is just as important. Make sure you dig out a good pair of gloves and keep them in the pockets of your warmest winter jacket. It's probably a good idea to keep a spare jacket in the car, just in case you get caught out by a sudden cold snap – or, worse, stuck somewhere! Don't forget to keep your head warm and ensure that you're properly equipped with a trusty woolly hat for when you're not riding or a helpful headband to wear under your riding hat if you're in the saddle – we were all told to keep our ears warm, as kids, weren't we? Just as important are your feet: Have you got enough thick socks or boot liners to get you through the winter? And if you'd quite like to feel your toes, whatever the weather, what about investing in a pair of boots designed just for cold weather? Don't forget your dog! Of course, not all dogs are keen on wearing a dog coat but when it gets really cold, you might find that your dog starts to feel a little different about the idea! Just throw in some thermal underwear, a couple of re-usable hand-warmers and maybe even some toe-warmers and you'll be ready for the worst that the British winter can throw at you! If you've got all that at home, it's time to dig it out of the cupboard. If you need any of the above, simply follow the links and order it as quickly as you can – the North wind is getting ready to blow!

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