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New Season, New Products, New Catalogue!

Spring is finally on the way – which means that so is the Robinsons Spring/Summer Catalogue! It's the first major catalogue we've produced since we launched our popular Rider Rewards programme in December, so you'll be able to see just how many points you can earn for adding each item to your order! If you saw a copy of our recent End-of-Season Sale catalogue, you'll probably be familiar with the idea of how many points each product will earn. If not, here's more about Rider Rewards. After lots of thought and some feedback from customers, we've decided to reduce the page size and the number of pages (to 116) but we've re-designed the pages to ensure that we can pack in as many items to each page as possible – in fact, we've managed to 80% of the choice we printed last year onto less than half the amount of paper. Here's why we decided to reduce the size of the catalogue. Of course, thanks to the web, fewer pages and smaller dimensions don't mean we're offering fewer products! Our paper catalogues have always been just a small selection of our whole offering but our website is where you can find over 18,000 size and colour variants of around 7,000 distinct products, which we believe is a wider selection than you'll find from every single equestrian website elsewhere!

New & Exclusive

Did you know that over a quarter of the products in the Spring Catalogue are new to Robinsons? That's over 2,000 size and colour variants from nearly 300 styles that you won't have seen in a Robinsons catalogue before! Did you know that nearly one in six products in the Spring Catalogue are exclusive to Robinsons? That's over 1,000 size and colour variants from 200 styles that you won't find anywhere else! In addition to that, there are products like the Sherwood Chester Jodhpurs (as featured on the back page) which are available in three colour choices which are exclusive to Robinsons. Plus, there are even 101 size and colour variants from 19 styles in the Spring Catalogue that are both 'New' and 'Exclusive'!

Top Brands

Top brands feature even more heavily in our 2013 Spring Catalogue than in 2012. Top-branded items now make up over three quarters of the products in that catalogue, when last year they made up two thirds. More than half the products in the catalogue come from 20 of the most trusted brands in the UK today!

Great Prices

We've tried hard to offer a selection of products that are priced competitively and that are more affordable than ever. Here's a summary of each of the most popular sections of the catalogue, with a guide to the price point you'll find in around half of the items in that section. We hope you'll agree that our Spring/Summer 2013 selection represents great value for money!

Did You Know?

Did you that 28% of the items in our Spring Summer 2013 Catalogue are New and 14% are Exclusive? Also, 53% of the items are from 20 of the UK's most trusted equestrian brands.


KEY: 1 block = 1 style of product offered Did you know that 1,839 styles are included in the Robinsons Spring Summer 2013 Catalogue, but around 7,000 styles are offered on the Robinsons website? That means there are nearly three extra products that aren't in the catalogue for every one that is!

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