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Requisite Trailer gets 'Pimped'

We were delighted to hear from recent Requisite trailer customer Sue Andrew, recently. In addition to the usual feedback that we're always glad to receive from new trailer owners about their new purchase, Sue had an extra bit of news, that we weren't expecting. If you're familiar with MTV's 'Pimp My Ride' in which ordinary cars get a major makeover - with added bling, that's pretty much what Sue did to her trailer! Robinsons Barbie Trailer As you can see from the picture, Sue wanted something just a little more individual and I'm sure you'd agree that now, her Requisite trailer is exactly that! Now, Sue is spotted wherever she goes and tells us that she can't believe the attention she gets when she arrives at a show in her new 'Pimped' trailer. We're glad you're happy with your one-of-a-kind trailer and may we suggest a new car to go with it... ...M'lady? Lady Penelope

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