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Saddle Theft From our Cannock Superstore

Just after midnight on Thursday 4th April, this van was filmed entering the car park at our Cannock store, while a number of individuals gained entry to the premises and stole a number of saddles. We'd like to ask anyone in the Cannock area that night if you saw a van like this in the area at that time and can give further information about it. Furthermore, we'd like to ask all our customers in the wider area to be aware of anyone attempting to offer any of the items listed below – especially at suspiciously low prices for unused items. If you have any information at all that you think may help, please contact Staffordshire Police with any details. We appreciate any help and awareness you can give and we're already immensely grateful to the many messages of support we've already received and to all who have shared this story on Facebook and Twitter. As with any major theft, our chief concern is not necessarily the loss of the goods but the threat posed by the individuals involved who may do this again and may not be concerned about harming others in the process. Thankfully, that wasn't the case this time but no-one should take for granted that these people weren't prepared to resort to violence, if challenged.  
The items stolen include: 
  Apollo Nevada Western Saddle (Havana, 13") Bates All-Purpose Saddle (Black, 17.5") Bates Wide Saddle (Classic Brown, 16.5") Elite Gymkhana Pony Saddle (Black, 14" Medium) Genesis All-Purpose Saddle (Black, 17") Maxam GP Saddle (Black, 15", 16" & 17.5") Optimus York All-Purpose Saddle (Black, 16.5") Optimus Devon Synthetic GP Saddle (Black, 16.5") Optimus Kent Synthetic Dressage Saddle (Black, 18") Optimus Suffolk Synthetic Close Contact Saddle (Black 17.5" & 18") Optimus Puissance Close Contact Saddle (Havana, 18") Requisite Roamer Saddle & Pad (Brown, 16"/16.5" & 17"/17.5") Thorowgood T4 High Wither GP (Black, 17.5" & Brown, 17", 17.5" & 18") Thorowgood T4 GP Saddle (Black, 17") Thorowgood T4 Cob GP (Black, 17" & 18" & Brown, 17" & 18") Thorowgood T4 Pony Club Saddle Changeable Gullet (Black, 15") Wintec Pro Stock Saddle (Black, Medium & Large) Wintec New VSD/Cair Saddle (Brown, 42cm & 46cm) Wintec New 500 AP Saddle (Black, 43cm, 44cm & 46cm) Wintec New 500 AP/Cair Saddle (Black, 44cm) Wintec New 500 AP/Cair Saddle (Brown, 42cm) Wintec 250 All-Purpose Flock Saddle (Black, 44cm) Wintec New 2000 All-Purpose Cair Saddle (Black, 43cm & Brown, 46cm) Wintec 500 AP Flock Saddle ECFS (Black, 44cm) Wintec 500 Dressage Saddle (Black, 44cm) Wintec Pro Dressage Saddle (Black, 42cm) Wintec 500 Dressage Saddle Cair (Brown, 16") Wintec Isabell Dressage Cair (Black, 42cm, 43cm & 44cm) Wintec Western Saddle E-Leather (Black, 40cm & Brown, 38cm & 40cm) Wintec Pro Pony Dressage Saddle Cair (Black, 38cm & Brown 40cm) Wintec Pro Jump Cair Saddle (Brown 42cm, 43cm & 44cm) Wintec Pro Jump Flock Saddle (Black, 42cm, 43cm & 44cm) Thank you for any help you are able to give, Paul

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