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Spring Is Here!

Yippee…the clocks went forwards yesterday, which means lots of lighter evenings. Great news for horse owners, as it means we can actually see our horses in the day light, something which has become a distant memory in the last few months!  

Hairy Beasts

Horses everywhere are starting to shed their winter coats and at the end of a good grooming session most horse owners come out of the stable hairier than their horse. For those with clipped out horses the task in hand isn’t quite as bad, although the inside of their rugs will probably see a build-up of hair, which will need brushing off before you even think about washing them!  

It’s Nearly Show Time

The show season is due to start soon, so if you haven’t already made a start, now is an excellent time to start getting your horse fit and the pair of you ready to show the world what you’re made of. It’s a great idea to book some lessons to get you both focused and prepared for a busy season…it’s true that practice does make perfect! Don’t forget that if your show jacket is looking a little shabby, or your jodhpurs aren’t quite as comfortable as they used to be…we’ve plenty of new ones to choose from at prices to suit all budgets.


Spring is Here  

Paddock Maintenance

Paddock maintenance will have undoubtedly slipped during the dark, cold and wet winter months. Now’s the time to make the most of the lighter evenings by poo picking, fence mending, harrowing, reseeding and rolling. Do you need some extra electric fencing so you can strip graze your paddock once the grass starts to appear? Now’s also a good time for picking up any litter that’s blown into the field and generally making it as safe as possible for your horse.  

Stable Spring Clean?

A glimpse of the sunshine might just inspire you to give your stable a bit of a spring clean. Pick a sunny day to get rid of the cobwebs and disinfect your stable so that it can air and dry out before your horse comes back in from the field. This will reduce dust in the stable helping to keep your horse’s respiratory system clear and healthy. It’s also a good time to get your winter horse rugs washed, dried and stored safely away ready for next winter.  

‘Feel Good’ Time!

Like many outdoorsy people, I’ve been literally counting down the days to when the weather turns warmer, the evenings get lighter, the grass begins to grow in the horse field and my horse can go out naked…without a rug on. For most horse owners, this is payback for getting through a pretty dismal winter dealing with lots of mud, high winds and wet rugs. Here’s to lots of lovely, long evening hacks after work and good luck to anyone who's about to start the show season!  

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