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The RDA Returns to Robinsons!

In March last year, we were proud to host a meeting of the RDA (Riding for the Disabled Association Incorporating Carriage Driving) – North West Region at our Ashton Megastore and we're pleased to announce that we'll be hosting them again! Last year, the 80-plus delegates enjoyed a training event on the topic of 'Fundraising and Gaining Publicity for Individual Events', together with a buffet meal in our Nosebag Café, a raffle and a spot of after-hours shopping in the store! This year, the meeting will include the topic "The Essentials of Safeguarding: What Every RDA Group Needs to Know and Do", presented by Claire Milican and Marisa Bretherton-Mackay from the RDA's National Office. Our hosting of last year's event was the brainchild of the RDA NW's Chairman Shelia Saner, who was kind enough to tell the RDA NW website: "…such a great event with a wonderful buffet. The venue was excellent and the staff were so helpful and willing to please. I was impressed with their hospitality." This year's meeting takes place between 5:30pm and 9:30pm on Monday 18th March at our Ashton Megastore and is open to all RDA Group Members and Trustees. This time, over a hundred people are expected to attend but there's still room for more delegates, if you're eligible to attend. All instore purchases on the night will include a 10% discount! For more information about attending this event, please contact the RDA NW direct. The store will be closed to all other visitors for the duration of this visit. Look out for more pictures of the event on our blog next week!

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