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These Boots Were Made For Riding!

Long riding boots can be a considerable investment and as you’ll discover, there are now plenty to choose from. Hopefully, this post will help you to find a pair that will make your riding as comfortable as possible and fit your budget. Rubber Riding Boots Years ago the only riding boots available in a suitable price range for the young or novice rider were long rubber riding boots.  Although these are still popular with many riders, they can be hot in summer, sometimes too long in the leg for smaller riders and can make keeping your heels in the correct position difficult as it’s not very easy to flex your ankle in them. The advantages of rubber riding boots though are that they’re inexpensive, tough and waterproof so will keep your feet dry in wet weather. This makes them a good all-round boot for yard and riding wear.

Long Riding Boots - Fun Boot


Leather Riding Boots In many riders’ opinion, the best form of footwear for riding are long leather riding boots. These allow flexion of the ankles while still providing support to the whole foot and lower leg. They can last a lifetime if cared for correctly and are suitable for every riding activity you may wish to partake in. Although some leather boots are expensive there are many more economic versions available which will fit a more modest budget. It may sound impossible but leather riding boots can actually help to improve your riding! Wearing boots that actually allow your ankle to move freely will mean you can keep your heels down, which in turn keeps your lower leg more still. This helps to establish the rider in a more correct and so secure position. Once a rider’s position is secure, control of the horse is much easier - a positive outcome for both horse and rider.

Dress Boots These are traditional style, plain boots. They can be worn for show jumping, although they’re usually worn for dressage. Many modern dress style boots have higher, rounded tops on the outside which give a more elegant appearance.


Long Leather Riding Boots - Softy

Requisite Softy Leather Boots £88.99

Long Leather Riding Boots - Norfolk

Shires Norfolk Long Leather Boots  £129







Field Boots This style of boot has lacing at the top of the foot/ankle, which makes them more comfortable when riding with the shorter stirrup length used in all jumping disciplines. The position of the lacing allows the ankles to flex more easily and with this style of boot, it generally takes less time to break them in.  
Long Riding Boots - On Air Long Riding Boots - Donatello








Riding Boots for Outside the Competition Ring Outside of the competition arena, riders can choose whichever style and colour boot they like. They can be black, brown, leather or suede, plain or patterned. Some of the latest designs are so stylish that they look equally good when worn with your everyday clothes for that ‘country’ look. These latest designs may have a more casual look but they still incorporate all of the excellent design features that we expect from riding boots. These include foot comfort, security in the stirrup and water-resistant coatings to the leather and membranes. If you plan to wear your boots while on the yard, make sure you pick a pair that will be comfortable for walking in as well as for riding. Stables can be pretty harsh environments for footwear due to the ammonia in urine and some modern day long boots are made from materials and coatings designed to resist the effects of the yard and prolong the life-span of your boot. Choosing the best riding boot depends on individual’s needs, wants and desires. We’re sure you’ll find the perfect pair from our huge footwear selection. Happy shopping!  

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