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Virtual Insanity*

It's a Friday afternoon and I'm very conscious that I haven't blogged yet about our forthcoming new website, in the way that I have about our forthcoming new Cardiff store. There's so much I'd like to say about our new website, what's going to be better about it and why we need it to ensure that we remain at the forefront of what we do, I could write for hours.  One reason I don't have lots of time to write about the new site is...the new site!   The project is taking up so much time for so many people here at the moment - and the next few weeks promise to be nothing short of mad! The amount of work required to find, manipulate, improve all the words and pictures we have is huge and it strikes me that it's almost as big a project as our last big move, when we shifted our entire warehouse and admin from Rainford to here, nearly six years ago. Over at Pod1, our web developers, the site is slowly taking shape, with buttons, functions and product details being added little by little.  As with any shop opening, it's difficult (and risky) to give you a firm launch date but we anticipate early April - which also happens to be our estimate for the Cardiff store opening. I haven't got much more to add for now but I will, in my next entry tell you much more about the new site and add a few teasing images, too. Have a great weekend! Paul :-)

*The name of this Jamiroquai track seemed very apt for this blog entry - but without the 'useless twisting of our new technology' bit, of course!

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