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Winter Coats and Riding Jackets

Winter is definitely here and we are all reaching for our warmest winter coats. Equestrian activities place some specific demands on the outer wear you choose. There are a variety of quilted or waterproof coats designed for the equestrian market, and all of them will help to keep you warm and comfortable whilst riding and doing your stable work.
Riding coats may look very similar to any other outdoor jacket but they do have some additional features which are designed to make you more comfortable in the saddle. Hip length jackets always offer more protection against the elements but that extra bulk can create problems when in the saddle. The vents at the back or side of a riding jacket open up to leave a split in the jacket, thus allowing the jacket to flare out over the saddle. Adjustable or elasticated cuffs on the sleeves of riding coats keep the riders hands uncovered allowing unhindered contact with the reins. Hoods are excellent for keeping you dry on the yard, but they can become a problem when out riding, with the potential flapping causing a horse to panic and become difficult to control. Because of this, many riding coats feature hoods which are detachable or fold away.
Bulky overly padded coats although extremely warm are not practical in the equestrian world as they restrict movement. Advanced high tech materials are often used instead as they provide warmth without excessive bulk. WPS is an innovative system used by leading equestrian clothing manufacturer Mountain Horse. It combines waterproofing and breathability to provide a varying degree of protection from the weather. WPS Advanced offers the most advanced level of wind and waterproof protection. WPS All Purpose protects against the wind and heavy rain whilst still being breathable. WPS Comfort give good windproof and water repellent protection in moderate weather.
Some jackets are designed to be adaptable to the varying seasons, they can offer up to 3 jackets in 1. A removable inner fleece or gilet allows you various options within one coat. Riding coats and jackets need to be practical and tough so bear this in mind when purchasing your winter coat. Check for any specific features you need from the jacket and remember to leave plenty of room for the extra layers you wear in cold weather. Try to look after your riding coat as much as possible by regularly washing and using a specialist waterproofing treatment periodically. Remember to check out our extensive range of equestrian clothing to find a variety of winter wear.

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