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Winter Woollies

As it comes into winter, especially with the great English weather, warm woollies are definitely needed. There’s plenty  on the market to choose from, so from your toes to your ears, there’s no excuse for being chilly this winter.
From Your Toes…Feet get cold really easily so a good thick pair of socks or two are essential for toasty toes, socks with thermal qualities are a great choice as well as fleece or cushioned soles for extra comfort. Some good socks have reinforced heels and toes making them last even longer. Good waterproof boots are winter essentials, after all there’s no point in getting warm and cosy socks if they’re just going to get soaked.           14152-01
14147-01 For the yard, wellies are great, though sometimes can get quite cold which is where the welly warmers come in. They are definitely a worthwhile investment as you can wear them over socks and they help keep your wellies cosy and dry inside. Hunter and Puffa do some great, fashionable designs so you look great even in winter. There’s loads of cheaper wellies which are great value for money, usually lasting at least one winter and mostly more. For a tough welly that will last for ages, you might end up paying a bit more, but it’s definitely worth it. These tend to be warmer, more water tight and probably wont need replacing for a good long while, such as the classic and ever fashionable Hunter welly.
Muckers and yard boots can be warmer than wellies and come in many fun different styles as well. They tend to be closer fitting and closed at the top so keep the heat trapped inside and around your feet which is excellent for warmth. They usually only have a waterproof foot part though so aren’t as protective from icy spillages as wellies can be.There are many fashionable designs available like the Pom Pom Muckers which are trendy as well as practical and warm, great all round! 16229-01
21704-01 Winter riding can end up being a chilly experience for your feet so waterproof and snug winter riding boots are a must have. Short jodhpur boots can be warm enough if coupled with warm leg wear and good socks, meaning you only need one pair of boots for the whole year. Long boots can be warmer than jodhpur ones as they insulate your whole lower leg, although they tend to be more expensive they can be worth it in the long run.
...To Your Legs…Moving up to your legs, you can’t beat a good, warm pair of jods or breeches in winter. There are jodhpurs made out of fleece for both kids and adults; these are great for toasty leg wear. A pair of tights under your jods or breeches also helps with heat retention, and if you’re still feeling the cold, take a look at over trousers and full chaps. These are often a waterproof design and they add an extra top layer for even more warmth. 22006-01
12085-01 …To Your Torso… Thermal under wear is also advisable for those who really feel the cold, its also ideal for kids who want to spend all day at the stables whatever the weather. These work really well when worn next to the skin and can become a real must have when winter arrives. Keeping your body warm is really important in the winter, especially for those who have asthma, are older or children. Long sleeve high neck tops are obviously a must, with a warm layer on top of them. This can come in the form of a fleece top, or hoody which are both a nice inbetween layer to have.
A gilet or body warmer on top of this is excellent for times when it’s a bit warm for a full coat but too cold to got without something extra. Waterproof blousons make a good top layer for milder weather as they keep you dry without being too warm and bulky. These make good winter riding wear too as when you warm up from the exercise you won’t overheat in them. 11383-01
10575-01 For the really cold winter days and nights, a good quality heavy waterproof coat which is long enough to cover your hips is a great idea such as the Musto Paddock Jacket. Coats like this will keep you dry which is key to keeping warm in horrible weather. Layer up on your top half and you can’t really go wrong, as heat will be trapped between the layers keeping you snug whatever the weather.
…With A Bit Of A Detour To Your Hands… Your hands are really hard to keep warm if you aren’t moving them very much, which you shouldn’t be when you’re riding! Hence hands can get cold and stiff before you know it when you’re in the saddle. Good riding gloves can help prevent this, as well as being recommended for use all the time anyway because of the safety aspect to them. For the yard, warm gloves are equally essential, as well as waterproofing being useful for when you’re in the rain or doing your waters. Gloves such as the Heated Glove are a brilliant idea as they are waterproof and battery powered, which is fab for round the yard and outdoors in general. 19521-01
18569-01 …Then Your Neck… A really easy way to help keep warmth in is a scarf or something similar like a neck warmer. Super simple, yet people forget about them until they’re already cold. Obviously these aren’t safe to ride in but are great for the yard. Balaclavas are ok to ride in provided there nothing could get caught on if you fell. These will keep your face and nose warm on the yard and on the horse, and double as a scarf as well.
…And Up To Your Head. Hats suddenly become the height of fashion in winter and everyone wants the latest style, which is great as they are super practical too, especially if you get a trapper style one which are always in fashion. These have ear flaps as well and are usually either knitted, fur lined or both so have super warm properties. Heat escapes most from your head so keep it covered! Ear muffs are a fab fashion statement and cosy as well. Great for kids as they’re a bit of a novelty too, especially if they’re the fun ones that are available at the moment. 18735-01
Basically to make sure you're warm this winter, wrap up, layer up, and make sure you don’t leave those key bits out, such as gloves, hats and warm watertight footwear. There’s no point doing half a warm up job, if one parts cold the rest of you will be!

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